How Empaths Can Protect Their Energy

Danica Burke
2 min readApr 9, 2022
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Empaths are highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent people. They are said to have the ability to nurture and heal others.

They are able to connect and identify with others’ feelings around them. They often absorb this energy, enabling them to be extremely compassionate and empathetic.

While being an empath has its strengths, it can take a toll if empaths are not mindful of their own feelings and energy.

How empaths can self-protect

Set boundaries and prevent empathy overload

If family and friends frequently call you when they need someone to talk to, set limits. It’s ok to say you aren’t able to talk right now and call them at a different time. You can also set time limits, letting them know you only have 15–20 minutes, preventing an hour-long conversation that drains you.

Be mindful of the people that drain you emotionally, and set healthy boundaries around your time with them.

Spend time outside

When you are feeling overwhelmed by your feelings, spend time in nature.

The sun and nature have a way of healing us and restoring balance. Research shows that spending time in nature is linked to cognitive benefits as well as improvements in mood and emotional well-being.

Take time just for yourself

Find time for activities that bring you joy.

Set aside time where you don’t take phone calls or watch the news. Limit the type of stressors you allow in your life by being mindful of what you consume. Spend time caring for yourself. You’re not likely to change your personality, so you must become good at protecting it.

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