Are You Experiencing Burnout? 4 Reasons It Might Actually Be Boreout

Danica Burke
2 min readApr 7, 2022
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You might be asking what is boreout and is it even a real term?

Turns out, boreout is a term coined by two Swiss business consultants. Most of us are familiar with burnout. Burnout is something we experience when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted. While boreout may feel similar, it actually stems from being underwhlemed.

Divya Robin, a mental health counselor, explains the feelings associated with being underwhelmed stem from doing too little of what matters to us.

4 reasons you might be experiencing Boreout

1. You’re not living aligned with your passions and values

Your job, personal life, or both do not align with your passions, interests, and values. You feel disconnected from who you are and disengaged from your life.

Try spending some time doing what you are passionate about. This can be a hobby, volunteering, or switching jobs. Passions have a way of re-energizing us.

2. You feel unfulfilled with work or personal relationships

Perhaps some relationships have become complacent. You don’t find them mentally stimulating.

It might be time to look at the quality of relationships in your life. Try developing some new friendships or connections with others who share a common interest with you.

3. There is a lack of variety in your routine

When there’s no variety to your daily routine you may become bored and disengaged.

Take a look at how you can get creative with your routine and environment. Can you take a different route to work? Are you able to work at a coffee shop or outdoors for a couple of afternoons? You also might try rearranging your furniture or adding artwork or plants to your office.

4. There is a lack of challenges in your life

You don’t feel challenged or tasks have become mundane.

It might be time to learn a new skill or move up in your profession. You can also talk to your boss about taking on new tasks or responsibilities. It could also be a good time to take one of your interests and begin a side hustle.

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